Andiamo Capital stands at the forefront of blockchain innovation, primarily focusing on Layer 1’s, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and pioneering crypto projects. With a team of early cryptocurrency investors and DeFi leaders, we bring a unique perspective to the blockchain venture fund landscape. Our deep industry knowledge and forward-looking approach enable us to identify and support projects poised to revolutionize blockchain technology and finance. Our mission extends beyond investment; we aim to drive global progress in the crypto space by championing solutions that offer real-world utility and foster the wider adoption of blockchain technology, aligning our efforts towards a more accessible and efficient blockchain-based financial system.

Meet the Team

Joe Ross

Joe Ross is an early investor in both Bitcoin and Ethereum. He has since funded seed rounds in successful projects such as Chainlink, Paid Network, Vesper, and many more. He has cultivated a deep network of developers, influencers, and other industry veterans, enhancing his industry expertise. Currently, his focus is on gaming, layer 1 protocols, and real world asset protocols, actively seeking new opportunities.

Michael McQuaid

Michael McQuaid has been involved in the crypto space since 2016, and has worked full time in the industry since 2020. Michael is currently Head of DeFi Operations for Bloq Inc, working on
Vesper Finance and
With a background in IT & Network Administration, Michael is also the owner/founder of an IT Services/MSP corporation in California.

Cannon Stubblefield

Cannon Stubblefield is a seasoned figure in the crypto sphere, having been actively involved since 2016. His experience is rich and varied, contributing to crypto education and news platforms, and excelling in roles focused on community management, marketing, and growth within various projects. Alongside these roles, his astute market insights have fostered numerous successful investments.

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